For Rail Trail Duathlon




By Camille O’Connor (BPhEd – Major in Exercise Prescription)

  • Owner of Pulse Fitness Alexandra

  • Group Fitness Instructor

  • Health and Exercise Consultant



This 6 week exercise plan is a guideline for those of you who are new to duathlons with a base fitness level and are competing as an Individual in the 2 day Rail Trail Duathlon - 152Km of cycling and running your way from Clyde to Middlemarch. 

It is designed to help you improve your fitness so you can confidently complete the event.

Your bike training can be done on a stationary bike (exercycle or gym bike) and/or your own mountain/road bike.  Remember the terrain of the trail is generally flat (a small gradient) so no real need to go out and do heaps of Hill training on a bike or hill running but it does add variety to your training so the occasional sessions are a good idea.

A great addition to your cycle training is doing a Les Mills RPM class or Spin class at your local gym if available.




Week 1 – 1 x bike 30 minutes (record your distance), 1-2 x run 20-30 mins (record distance covered), 1 x bike 45-60 minutes (try to alternate your sessions eg one day do a bike the next a run and include 1-2 rest days during this first week)

Biking and running sessions can be either time or distance based. 

Once you start your training you will have an idea of what pace you are riding or running at so increase this weekly based on the time suggestions in your training plan.


Week 2 – 1 x 45 minute bike, 2 x 30-40 min runs, 1 x 1 hr bike

Week 3 – 1 x 1hr bike, 1 x 30 min run, 1 x 45-60 min run, 1 x 1 ½ - 2 hr bike

Week 4 (introduce transition training - it is important to practice the transition between running and cycling (and vice versa) as it can be a shock to the system if not practiced.

1 x 1- 1 ½  hr bike followed by a 20 min run, 1 x 60 min run, 1 x 1 ½  hour bike ride, 1 x 45 min run followed by 45 min bike.

Week 5

1 x 1 ½  hr bike followed by a 30 min run, 1 x 45 min fast run, 1 x 1 ½  hour bike ride, 1 x 45 min run followed by 1- 1 ½ hour bike.

Week 6 (tapering)

All training this week is light intensity to allow adequate recovery for the event on Saturday/Sunday.

1 x 1 hour bike, 1 x 30 min run, 1 x 30 min bike followed by 20 min run OR 1 x 20 min run followed by 30 min bike.  Thursday and Friday REST days.


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