Online entries will close at 5pm on Thursday 20th February 2020. Late entries will be taken on the day at the event registration. Please arrive at Clyde early to register.




All individual competitors and team captains must report to Race Registration on Saturday 22nd February no later than half an hour prior to the race start, and collect their race number and information packs. Registration starts from 7.30am.

Entry Fees and categories: CLICK HERE to get pdf of categories and entry fees.

On Saturday 22nd February a race briefing will be given at the Clyde Railhead start point at 9am, half an hour prior to race start time.


On Sunday 23rd February registration will start at 7.30am at Ranfurly Railway Station and race briefing will be given at Ranfurly Station start point at 9am.



Day One — Clyde Railhead to Ranfurly 9.30am from the Clyde Railhead, corner of SH8 and Springvale Road, to Ranfurly Railway Station.


Day Two — Ranfurly to Middlemarch 9.30am from in front of the Ranfurly Railway Station to the Middlemarch Railway Station.




Day One — Ranfurly - bike through the chute to finish line.

Day Two— Middlemarch - bike through the chute to finish line.

There will be massage therapist on the Saturday at Ranfurly at the finish cost $10 for 10 mins, $20 for 20 mins



Trail Journeys provide facilities and support at the Clyde Rail head, start of the race and at the finish in Middlemarch.

Medal Ceremony:

Medals for category winners will be presented at Middlemarch at approx. 2.15pm on Sunday
(Must be present to receive medals)

RESULTS: A summary of final results in each category will be available on the Rail Trail Duathlon website within 7 days of the race finish.
WEBSITE www.railtrailduathlon.com


1st 2nd 3rd place getters in each category will receive a medal 

All competitors will go into a draw for:

Numerous spot prizes some will be drawn at the end of day one in Ranfurly and some on day 2 in Middlemarch.


The organisers are committed to providing and ensuring proper Hazard Identification and instigate appropriate mitigation options. Additionally, the organisers are committed to providing open disclosure of risk information to competitors, marshals and others connected with the events. The following table has been produced to identify potential hazards and assist the organisers with identifying their response to these.

The Rail Trail is a public facility and is not closed for the duathlon or the MTB race. Competitors may encounter other users and must co-operate with them.
• Minimum entry age for the individual duathlon is 14 years.
• Minimum number of team members is 2 (maximum 4). The Secondary schools teams must have 4 team members.
• Entries are not transferable to other competitors. If this occurs both competitors will be disqualified.
• Teams may only enter in one category and an individual competitor may not be part of a team.
• Competitors must not be accompanied or paced by cyclists, vehicles, other competitors, etc. If this occurs the competitor or team will be disqualified.
• Competitors must keep to the Rail Trail. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
• All entries must be signed and full payment sent with the entry form for the entry to be valid.
• The race number must be worn as issued and passed on at transitions. They must not be altered and must be clearly visible during the race.
• Only competitors wearing official race numbers will be allowed to finish.
• No roads will be closed.
• Marshals will be located at each SH85 and 87 crossing and competitors must adhere to their directions. Motorists have right of way at all times.
• In the event of a rider having an accident you must stop to assist, then call the first Marshall or First Aid Unit you get to.
• Competitors must dismount fully and push cycles across crossings.Failure to do so will result in the disqualification from the event of the individual or team.
• There are a number of roads which will not have Marshals on duty. Normal road rules prevail — motorists have right of way at all times.
• While every attempt is made to clear wandering stock off the trail, the organisers advise that this is not always possible.
• Helmets are compulsory on the cycle stages.
• No passing on bridges or in tunnels.
• Drink stations will be located at each transition point, in the Poolburn Gorge and at Ngapuna.
• Every team member must do at least one complete stage per day.
• All stages must be completed by the member starting the stage. In the event of competitors falling too far behind the field, they may be assisted by ‘Tail End Charlies’ to the next transition or the highest point of the Trail.
• A torch is recommended for sections with tunnels.
• Hazard Identification and Disclosure must be read and under- stood.
• Individual competitors must dismount and push their bike through the Hyde transition area. Failure to do so will result in a time penalty.
• Competitors disobeying marshals at transition may incur a time penalty.